What is Short-Circuiting of Logical Operators?

The logical operators (&& and ||) will convert their left-hand value to a Boolean type. It then decides what to return. It can either return the original left-hand value or the right-hand value. The or operator (||) will return the left value if it’s converted to true and it will return the value on the … Read more

What’s the Order of Precedence of The Logical Operators And, Or, and Not?

When it comes to a bunch of values in a row separated by a bunch of logical and comparison operators, you have to decide which values to evaluate or solve for first. It’s not always left to right. Some operators take precedence over the others. That sort of means you have to know what operator … Read more

How Logical Operators like And, Or, and Not Work in JavaScript (With Examples!)

In JavaScript, you only have to know about 3 logical operators, and the key terms used here are pretty English. You just have to remember that there’s an and, or, and a not which are all related to Boolean values. Also, the “and” and “or” operator is binary operators, so you need to have 2 … Read more