What is a Return Value? (Easily Explained with Examples!)

A side effect is what happens when a function shows a dialog box or writes text on the screen of your computer. By definition, a side effect is something that changes the way a machine works and potentially affects what comes after it. On the other hand, a function can also produce values that don’t … Read more

What Are Functions in JavaScript? (Easy To Understand!)

When you start up an environment (like turning on a computer or opening up a program), the values you find in that environment have the type function. What is a function? A function is: a portion of a program wrapped in a value performs a single task and you can call that function whenever you … Read more

What Are Values in JavaScript? (6 Basic Types!)

What are values in JavaScript? Javascript has a concept called values. There are actually 6 fundamental value types: Numbers Strings Booleans Functions Objects Undefined You can invoke or call a JavaScript Value If you want to create a value, you simply have to invoke or call it. Of course, these values have to be stored … Read more