What is Short-Circuiting of Logical Operators?

The logical operators (&& and ||) will convert their left-hand value to a Boolean type. It then decides what to return. It can either return the original left-hand value or the right-hand value. The or operator (||) will return the left value if it’s converted to true and it will return the value on the … Read more

How Does the Conditional Operator Work in JavaScript?

A few things about the conditional operator: It is a ternary operator (not unary or binary) meaning it works with three values It’s written using a question mark (?) and then a colon (:) The value to the left of the question mark returns a boolean concept of true or false. How does the conditional … Read more

How Logical Operators like And, Or, and Not Work in JavaScript (With Examples!)

In JavaScript, you only have to know about 3 logical operators, and the key terms used here are pretty English. You just have to remember that there’s an and, or, and a not which are all related to Boolean values. Also, the “and” and “or” operator is binary operators, so you need to have 2 … Read more

How to Compare Strings Using the Greater Than and Less Than Comparison Operators in JavaScript (Easy!)

Okay, so far we’ve only compared numbers, but what about the letters of the alphabet? Comparing strings in a word is very similar to how you would compare letters in the alphabet, but with a few differences. How are letters of the alphabet prioritized in JavaScript when compared? Uppercase letters are always less than lowercase … Read more

How to Use the Greater Than and Less Than Comparison Operators in JavaScript (With Examples!)

Boolean type values only have two results: true or false. The words true and false are actual keyword values here. Comparing Boolean values with the “less than” or “greater than” operator The > operator means “greater than” and the < operator means “less than.” These are binary operators and thus require two values. One on … Read more

What Are Values in JavaScript? (6 Basic Types!)

What are values in JavaScript? Javascript has a concept called values. There are actually 6 fundamental value types: Numbers Strings Booleans Functions Objects Undefined You can invoke or call a JavaScript Value If you want to create a value, you simply have to invoke or call it. Of course, these values have to be stored … Read more

What Are Booleans in JavaScript? (Examples Included)

What’s a boolean in JavaScript? Boolean types are represented as either true or false. Examples of true Boolean types include: Basically, anything with a value whether it’s positive or negative is considered true in Boolean eyes. Examples of false Boolean types include: Basically, anything without a value or has no value such as, “”, 0, … Read more