What’s the Order of Precedence of The Logical Operators And, Or, and Not?

When it comes to a bunch of values in a row separated by a bunch of logical and comparison operators, you have to decide which values to evaluate or solve for first. It’s not always left to right. Some operators take precedence over the others. That sort of means you have to know what operator … Read more

How to Use the Greater Than and Less Than Comparison Operators in JavaScript (With Examples!)

Boolean type values only have two results: true or false. The words true and false are actual keyword values here. Comparing Boolean values with the “less than” or “greater than” operator The > operator means “greater than” and the < operator means “less than.” These are binary operators and thus require two values. One on … Read more

What Are Binary and Unary Operators in JavaScript? (Simple Examples!)

A binary operator is an operator that uses two values, while a unary operator only uses one. Take, for example, the typeof operator. You give it a value and it’ll tell you what type that value is. Is the typeof operator binary or unary? Guess what the typeof operator it is, unary or binary? It’s … Read more